Exam Preparation

The practical nature of the Cambridge exams makes this a perfect choice for students looking for a solid grounding in all skill areas. With a range of material drawn from different levels; FCE, CAE and CPE, students will gain valuable experience.

Available to students at Levels 4-10. Cambridge Exam Dates: Quarterly (specifically March, June & December on premises)

Our IELTS preparation course will help students develop key skills tested in the IELTS exam. Students will be prepared for the exam through a combination of language skills training and exam practice. Each week is based on a relevant topic area, allowing students to build up experience of a range of topics. Our Knowledgeable staff will help you become familiar with the structure of the exam as well as teach you the necessary skills, vocabulary and grammar to succeed.

Available to students at Levels 4-10. IELTS Exam Dates: Weekly

Students getting ready to take the TOEFL iBT will find our TOEFL elective option well-designed to help them achieve the score they need. The Elective trains you how to use skills learned in other courses during the test. Through regular assessment and exam practice, we’ll also develop your know-how so you can build confidence and be fully prepared for all parts of the exam.

Available to students at Levels 4-10. TOEFL Exam Dates: Weekly

We have the most current material and regularly add to our resource and a wide range of practice material is available to take home for after school study. Our full time Exams Coordinator is available to help you with any questions you may have at any time and help you choose the right exam for you. We organise regular practice testing and feedback sessions to keep your knowledge current and maximize your scores. We also have free practice exams every two weeks with a rotation of TOEIC, TOEFL, and Cambridge exams that all students are welcome to take

Schools offering
Exam Preparation

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