Specialised (elective)

General English (Fluency)
This class develops students’ fluency and listening skills through communicative practice and reinforcement.

Presentations, project work and cooperative tasks are used to further develop confidence in spoken English.

Business English / TOEIC
Our Business English curriculum combines the best in academic business knowledge with practice for everyday business situations. This elective also includes practice with TOEIC.

Academic Writing & Speaking
From sentence structure to writing comprehensive reports and oral presentations to formal debates, this class will give you the practice you need to achieve success at an academic level.

Academic Reading & Writing
Students will practice writing formal essays and will read and analyze both fiction and non-fiction pieces.

Through regular assessment and exam practice, you will develop your skills so you can build confidence and be fully prepared for all parts of the exam.

With a range of material drawn from different levels (FCE, CAE and CPE), you will benefit from exam skills practice while gaining practical English knowledge at the level best suited to you.

Our IELTS elective class will help you prepare for the test by using IELTS-specific materials, while improving your overall English language ability.

How Do We Help
You Succeed

We have the most current materials and regularly add to our resource and a wide range of practice material is available to take home for after school study. Our full time Exams Coordinator is available to help you with any questions you may have at any time and help you choose the right exam for you. We organise regular practice testing and feedback sessions to keep your knowledge current and maximize your scores. We also have free practice exams every two weeks with a rotation of TOEIC, TOEFL, and Cambridge exams that all students are welcome to take.

Schools offering
Specialised (elective)

One of our schools will soon be offering this course.