General English

Basic (Core Program) Course 20
Each language course is based on the Basic (Core Program) Course of 20 morning lessons per week. The course develops all aspects of your language competence in a personalized program coordinated by your core teacher.

Specialized Intensive Course 25 or Specialized Super-Intensive Course 30
Build on your Basic (Core Program) Course. The Specialized Intensive or Super-Intensive consists of the Basic Course and 5 or 10 specialized lessons per week, respectively, allowing you to develop the specific linguistic skills you require.

Language Semester Program or Language Year Program
6, 9 or 12 months of Basic, Specialized Intensive or Specialized Super-Intensive Courses, which give you a program of optimal quality, duration and value.

Cambridge Intensive or Super-Intensive Course
Allows you to combine 20 morning lessons studying Cambridge-specific material with 5 lessons per week in an afternoon Cambridge Exam preparation elective class and an additional 5 specialized lessons in fluency (Super-Intensive option).

IELTS Basic, Intensive or Super-Intensive Course
Our IELTS preparation course will help students prepare for the test through a combination of language skills training and test practice. It will help you become familiar with the structure of the test as well as teach you the necessary skills, vocabulary, and grammar to succeed.

Intensive or Super-Intensive Premier Course
The ideal course for combining class-based instruction with private lessons in a comprehensive program that focuses on your individual needs. It includes 2-3 private sessions per week plus 5 hours self-study in the Learning Centre.

How Do We Help
You Succeed

Our General English courses gives you a solid base to develop your foreign language skills. Learning a new language can be a daunting challenge, and this is why we have developed a modern and inspirational range of teaching and learning methods. Our course covers grammar, vocabulary, and all the key skills. All our lessons are planned and delivered by experienced teachers who focus on your individual needs and learning style.

Schools offering
General English

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