General English

Studying a General English course, you will increase your vocabulary, enhance your grammar, improve your written work and strengthen your reading skills. To achieve this, our General English courses use a variety of teaching methodologies that aim to develop both fluency and accuracy in the use of the language. Our aim is to increase your confidence and ability to use real English in the outside world. Therefore, our team of experienced and enthusiastic teachers primarily take a communicative approach in class.
Please note:

Entry Level  CEFR A1-C2 (Elementary to Advanced). If you are a beginner please contact us before booking a course.

Course Summary

Course Length

1-50 Weeks

Entry Level

ABC123 4DE

How Do We Help
You Succeed

Our schools offer a comprehensive student support service along with and all lessons being made up of a wide range of activities helping you to become a confident communicator. Our team of teachers give you all the support you need throughout your course and use a wide range of materials in their lessons to help you develop all aspects of your English language. This is a structured course that suits all levels and is an ideal way to develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


Available atavailable at this place
Hours per Week30
Time of the Day12pm

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