Study in Canada

General English Courses

Systematically improve your language skills in the fields of speaking, writing, grammar and pronunciation. A mix of theoretical and practical lessons, discussions and presentations will enable you to develop self-confidence and fluency in the target language. Tailor your English program to suit your individual needs by choosing from one of our specially designed courses.

English Exam Courses

This English exam course will give you effective skills and strategies needed to undertake the IELTS exam. You will do practice tests in each skill under exam conditions and specialist teachers will give you feedback on your performance to help you improve.

University and College Pathway

Our Comprehensive program prepares students for study at the post-secondary level and is customized to the needs of each individual learner. Throughout your course you will learn how to master note-taking, summarise lectures, build research and presentation techniques and develop academic familiarity.

Holiday, Group and Junior programmes

Combined with our Basic English Course (20 lessons per week), students will experience great Canadian winter activities in the afternoon. The program fees include full-board homestay and airport reception.