Study in the UK

General English Courses

Would you like to develop all areas of your English and work towards fluency? If so, our General English courses may be the best option to achieve your potential.

English Exam Courses

This English exam course will give you effective skills and strategies needed to undertake the IELTS exam. You will do practice tests in each skill under exam conditions and specialist teachers will give you feedback on your performance to help you improve.

Business English Courses

Our business English course aims to provide the wide range of English skills required for everyday communication in a business or work environment. Only available in London Central and Greenwich.

English with a specialism

Our new English+ courses give you the opportunity to study a 15 or 20 hour morning course and then combine these with any specialist subject at Oxford Tutorial College. This can be organised from 1 hour to 15 hours a week. Only available in Oxford.

The Trinity College TESOLÂ Certificate and Diploma

If you are already an experienced teacher, have an existing teaching certificate or want to gain a high level qualification that enables you to teach at University level then the Trinity TESOL Diploma is an excellent option.